Governor Christie Vetoes A2795, Planned Parenthood Funding Bill

Update:  9/9/2014 – Governor Christie vetoed Bill A2795. Please call the Governor to thank him at 609-292-6000, 609-292-6000. Take Action to Oppose A2795, S1203, provides Medicaid coverage for family planning services to individuals with incomes up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level. A2795/S1203 passed both Houses at the end of June. The Bill is sitting on the Governor’s desk. Please email and call … Continue reading

NJ Judge Moves to Revoke Abortionist Steven Brigham’s License

South Jersey-based abortion provider Steven Brigham, who has spent much of his two-decade career fighting charges of misconduct and negligence, suffered a major blow Thursday in his bid to keep his medical license in New Jersey. An administrative judge recommended permanent revocation of Brigham’s medical privileges, which were suspended almost four years ago after one of his patients was critically injured during a botched abortion. … Continue reading

Advocates Shun ‘Pro-Choice’ to Expand Message

WASHINGTON — For all the talk about women’s issues in this year’s midterm election campaigns, something is missing. One of the most enduring labels of modern politics — pro-choice — has fallen from favor, a victim of changed times and generational preferences. That shift might seem surprising in this political season, when there has been a renewed focus on reproductive issues like access to abortion … Continue reading

Updated 6/26/14: NJ Assisted Suicide bill pulled from Assembly Board list due to lack of votes

6/26/2014: Lacking votes, bill A2270 was pulled from the Board List. Thanks to all who acted on our alerts! Please continue to contact your legislators to urge them to vote No on A2270!  Please go to our Legislative action center to continue to take action on this matter.  The sponsor said he would  try to put this bill up for a vote again in the fall. … Continue reading

See How Your Senators & Two Assembly Members Voted on Flawed Adoption Bill

On Monday, May 12, the NJ Senate voted on the Governor’s conditional Veto of S873. Below is the vote tally. Please call and thank the Senators who voted No on the conditional veto. NJRTL is opposed to the Governor’s conditional veto of S873 because it will discourage adoptions and encourage abortions. Sen.    5/12/2014  –  CONCUR GOV REC   –  Yes {29}  No {5}  Not Voting {6}    –  Roll … Continue reading

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