The Dangerously Contagious Effect of Assisted Suicide laws

Action: Contact your State Senator today and urge him or her to Vote No on S382, The Physician Assisted Suicide bill! You can obtain your Senator’s contact information by calling 1-800-792-8630 or visiting the NJ Legislature webpage HERE   Opinion: The dangerously contagious effect of assisted-suicide laws By Aaron Kheriaty November 20, 2015 Published in the Washington Post Aaron Kheriaty is an associate professor of … Continue reading

New England Journal of Medicine: 10% of Elderly Americans Abused

Please read the article below.  Abuse of the elderly and disabled is real and is a legitimate major concern if physician assisted suicide becomes legal. Call your State Senator today and tell them to vote No vote on S382 to protect our vulnerable populations.   Friday, November 20, 2015   pointed remarks | about BioEdge | contact us | donate | contributors 10% of elderly Americans … Continue reading

January 22, 2016 Rally for Life

  Please join us for the January 22, 2016 Rally for Life in Trenton, NJ!   See Rally Announcement rallyannouncement2016rallyannouncement2016

Breaking: AmeriHealth Offers Health Insurance Coverage Under the NJ Obamacare exchange that Excludes Abortion. Act Before 12/15/15 to get this Coverage!

Open season for Obamacare enrollment for 2016 plans is going on from Nov. 1 till December 15.  In the past two years, all the plans sold on the NJ exchange covered abortion on demand. This year we were pleasantly surprised to discover that plans sold by Amerihealth NJ exclude elective abortion coverage (Amerihealth plans sold off the exchange include coverage for abortion). The “open season” … Continue reading

Trauma Nurse Explains, My Mom Just Died of Brain Cancer. Here’s Why She Opposed Assisted Suicide

Note: The California Governor signed the Physician Assisted Suicide bill on Monday, October 5. Consequently, certain forces are now pushing for the NJ Senate to pass the NJ Physician Assisted Suicide bill (A2270/S382) this session. Please go to our Legislative section of the website and send an email message to your State Senator urging him/her to vote No on A2270/S382. Please also call their office … Continue reading

NJRTL Responds to Star Ledger Editorial: Fetal Tissue Isn’t Needed to Cure Diseases

Fetal tissue isn’t needed to cure diseases The Star-Ledger By Letters to the Editor | The Star-Ledger on October 05, 2015 at 8:00 AM, updated October 05, 2015 at 8:10 AM Fetal tissue isn’t needed to cure diseases The Star-Ledger’s editorial regarding fetal tissue and defense of Planned Parenthood relies on broad, unsupported claims that fetal tissue is needed to help cure certain diseases and … Continue reading

Urgent! Contact your Member of Congress Now! Tell them Don’t Vote for Continuing Resolution or any bill that funds Planned Parenthood!

This week, Congress has to pass a Continuing Resolution that funds the entire government by midnight on September 30th. Call Congress today and tell them Don’t Fund Planned Parenthood. You can find your Congressperson’s contact info at: www.house.gov.representatives/find Click on their website and call them at the Capitol Hill office and their local office. Thank you!

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