Senate Schedules A5802/S4103 for a Vote on 12/16 – See how your Assembly Reps voted

On November 25, 2019, the full NJ Assembly approved Bill A5802, to give $9.5 Million in taxpayer revenue to Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Business. To see how your 2 Assembly Members voted, Go here: Assembly Vote on A5802

All Democrat Members Present Voted Yes, except Asm. Joseph Egan and Asm. Tom Giblin, who did not vote.
All Republican Members Present Voted No, except Asm. Kevin Rooney who didn’t vote and Asw. Holly Schepisi who abstained.

The companion bill, S4103 was released from the Senate Budget Committee and has been scheduled for a vote by the full Senate on Monday, December 16th. Please Contact your State Senator now and tell them to Vote No on A5802/S4103. Please also contact your 2 Assembly Members to thank those who voted No and express your disappointment to those who voted Yes. You can do that HERE


Thank you for Taking Action!