Senate and Assembly Passed Assisted Suicide bill by razor thin margins on 3/25. Contact Governor Murphy and urge him to Veto it.

On March 25th, the NJ Assembly passed the Assisted Suicide bill (A1504/S1072) by the bare minimum number of vote needed to pass- 41 votes.  The NJ Senate also passed the bill by the bare minimum needed – only 21 votes.

We wish to thank all members of the Assembly and Senate who voted no on the bill.  We also want to extend a  special thank you to Asm. Jay Webber (R-26), Asm Christopher DePhillips (R-40),Asw. Serena DiMaso(R-13), Asw. Joseph Howarth (R-8) and Senator Robert Singer (R-30) for speaking against the bill and articulating the myriad of problems this bill poses for individuals and our society as a whole.

Soon after the bill passed, Governor Murphy issued a statement announcing his intention to sign it into law.

Contact the Governor and urge him to Veto or Conditionally veto A1504/S1072. Thank you.

Phone the Governor: 609 292 6000. Email the Governor:

How did your Two Assembly Members Vote? Click on the blue hyperlink below to find out

A1504/S1072 Assembly Vote

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A1504/S1072 Senate Vote