Our Banquet has been rescheduled to June 5, 2020! Please Note Changes.

With the best of intentions and an abundance of hope and prayer that this global pandemic will end shortly, the leadership of NJRTL has rescheduled our Banquet to June 5, 2020. Click HERE to download our new registration form.

We ask for your patience at this time as we seek to resolve many issues that this crisis has placed upon our organization, our Board, and staff and our faithful supporters.

Please note that Pro-Life actress Ashley Bratcher, who played Abby Johnson in the Blockbuster movie, “Unplanned” will be joining us as a speaker for the evening along with former Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who is presently a Contributor at Fox News Network.  Our M.C. for the evening will be Radio and TV host, Bill Spadea.

There is also a minor time change for the Banquet and VIP Reception which is noted on the Registration form.  Click HERE to download our new registration form.   Please note that new registrations will not be processed until restrictions have been lifted and we can return to the office.

Thank you for understanding and for your continued support. Please feel free to email us at feedback@njrtl.org.  We will try to respond as quickly as possible.

We ask that you join with us to lift your voices in prayer at this difficult and unprecedented time to pray for containment and protection from the virus for all Americans, our Nation’s leaders and our fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world.  Thank you!