See How your State Senator Voted on S866, Gestational Carrier Bill

NJ Senate

Two Republicans, Senator Jennifer Beck (R-11) andSenator Sam Thompson (R-12) voted with 19 Democratsto get to the 21 votes to pass this bill. See vote tally for3rd Final Passage below on this page to see how your Senator voted.The Assembly passed S866 on 5/14/15.  To see how your Two Assembly Members voted, View here

S866 Authorizes certain gestational carrier agreements.
Human Services


Identical Bill Number: A2648
Last Session Bill Number: S1599   (1R) A2646 (1R) Vitale, Joseph F.   as Primary Sponsor
Weinberg, Loretta   as Primary Sponsor
Allen, Diane B.   as Co-Sponsor
Stack, Brian P.   as Co-Sponsor

Session Voting:
Sen.    2/5/2015  –  3RDG FINAL PASSAGE   –  Yes {21}  No {13}Not Voting {6}    –

  Addiego, Dawn Marie – (R) Not Voting
  Bateman, Christopher (R ) – No
  Bucco, Anthony R. (R) – No
  Connors, Christopher J. (R ) – No
  Doherty, Michael J. (R) – No
  Greenstein, Linda R.(D) – Yes
  Kyrillos, Joseph M., Jr. (R) – No
O’Toole, Kevin J. (R) – No
  Pou, Nellie (D)- Yes
  Sacco, Nicholas J. (D) – Yes
  Singer, Robert W. (R)- No
  Sweeney, Stephen M.(D) – Yes
  Van Drew, Jeff – (D) Yes
  Whelan, Jim (D) – Yes

Allen, Diane B. (R ) – Not Voting
Beach, James (D) – Not Voting
Cardinale, Gerald (R ) – No
Cruz-Perez, Nilsa (D) – Yes
Gill, Nia H.(D)  – Yes
Holzapfel, James W.(R) – No
Lesniak, Raymond J. (D) – Yes
Oroho, Steven V. (R) – No
Rice, Ronald L.(D) – Yes
Sarlo, Paul A. (D)- Not Voting
Smith, Bob – (D) Yes
Thompson, Samuel D.(R) – Yes
Vitale, Joseph F. (D)- Yes
Barnes, Peter J., III  (D)- Yes
Beck, Jennifer (R ) – Yes
Codey, Richard J.(D) – Yes
Cunningham, Sandra B (D). – Yes
Gordon, Robert M. (D) – Not Voting
Kean, Thomas H., Jr. (R)- No
Madden, Fred H., Jr. (D)- Yes
Pennacchio, Joseph (R) – No
Ruiz, M. Teresa (D)- Yes
Scutari, Nicholas P. (D)- Yes
Stack, Brian P. (D) – Yes
Turner, Shirley K. – (D) No
Weinberg, Loretta – (D) Not Voting