The Real War on Women

gosnell57Statement by New Jersey Right to Life, 3/31/2016.

In recent days, the media and pro-abortion presidential candidates and their abortion supporters have made much of comments made by Donald Trump during an interview with CNBC’s Chris Matthews.     This post is to clarify the position of the pro-life movement and expose the hypocrisy of pro-abortion candidates and supporters who claim to care so much about women.

The pro-life movement has always sought to protect women from prosecution in any pro-life laws that have passed or bills that have been introduced.   If Roe v. Wade were overturned, the laws in each state would revert back to what they were before the decision became the law of the land.  It’s important to note that, in NJ, women were exempted from prosecution before Roe v. Wade, so that provision would stand if Roe was overturned.    Women have been physically and psychologically injured and maimed by abortion (yes, and some have even died at the hands of abortion providers) and many abortion clinics right here in NJ have been found to be in violation of health and safety regulations.

As we have seen from the Kermit Gosnell case, supporters of abortion will go to any length (even when women die) to cover up or ignore abuses that occur inside the abortion industry.  This is the real war on women.

Here are fout articles which detail some of the recent abuses which have occurred inside abortion clinics in our area.

This abortionist is still managing clinics here in NJ, even though his medical  license has been revoked:

4/1/16 Incident in Maryland: