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S3804/A5508 is part of a package of bills that the Governor and the legislature are supporting to create a New Jersey version of the federal Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act of 2010.

Unfortunately, the bills would expand insurance coverage for abortion inducing drugs. The bill also removes the exemption in current law for religious employers to provide coverage for female contraceptives if the required coverage conflicts with the religious employer’s bona fide religious beliefs and practices.

Please go to our Legislative Action Tab and take the directed action to prevent this bill from becoming law.  Thank you.

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Title X Rule, Planned Parenthood has to separate facilities from those that do abortions


By Susan K. Livio | NJ Advance Media for

Family planning and women’s health clinics across the country that accept a federal grant to serve low-income people are forbidden from discussing abortion with their patients, according to a federal court decision Thursday that upheld a controversial rule proposed by the Trump administration.

Planned Parenthood, which led the fight against what it is calling a gag rule, intends to challenge the decision.

The rule takes effect immediately, but none of the 77,000 low-income New Jerseyans who use Planned Parenthood’s clinics will see any change, said Casey Olesko, spokeswoman for the Planned Parenthood of Northern, Central, and Southern New Jersey and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey.
Planned Parenthood will not take the Title X funding while the rule is in effect, Olesko said.

“For patients here in New Jersey, nothing will be changing,” she said. “We are using some limited some emergency funds so we are not using any of the tainted money. That would be medically unethical and we would never fall in line with the gag rule.”

Clinics already are prohibited from using Title X grants to pay for abortions. But the proposed rule would go further, promising to yank funding for clinics which “promote, refer for or support abortion as a method of family planning, nor take any affirmative action to assist a patient to secure such an abortion.”
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday sided with the Trump administration and set aside two nationwide injunctions that had blocked the new rule from taking effect in May.

“We are pleased that the Ninth Circuit has recognized that there is no need to hold up the new family planning rules that enforce laws on the books and revert substantially to rules that the Supreme Court upheld decades ago,” U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement Thursday night. “We are also pleased that the Ninth Circuit agreed that the three preliminary injunctions against the new rules, including two nationwide injunctions, were inappropriate.”

“This decision is a major step toward the Trump Administration being able to ensure that all Title X projects comply with the Title X statute and do not support abortion as a method of family planning,” Azar’s statement said.

Marie Tasy, executive director for New Jersey Right to Life, praised the ruling because it exposes Planned Parenthood’s “abortion funding scheme.”
“The new Title X Rule upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will require that family planning providers like Planned Parenthood who receive millions of taxpayer dollars must now physically separate their family planning services from their abortion business,” Tasy said. “Everyone knows that all funds are fungible and when there is not physical separation of these type of services, taxpayer money is being used to fund their abortion business.”

New Jersey was among 20 states and Washington D.C. that joined a court action against the rule’s adoption, led by Oregon, Planned Parenthood affiliates and the American Medical Association.

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America, in a statement, vowed to continue the challenge.
“Planned Parenthood will not stand for this attack on millions of people across the country. We will be immediately seeking emergency relief from the Court of Appeals,” according to the statement. “Planned Parenthood will not let the government censor our doctors and nurses from informing patients where and how they can access health care.”

Created in 1970, Title X says: “No American woman should be denied access to family planning assistance because of her economic condition.” The program costs the federal government $260 million, and is used to help 4 million low-income people pay for contraception, gynecology exams, cancer and sexually-transmitted disease screenings.

New Jersey receives $8.8 million in Title X funds, according to the state Health Department.
Last year, 100,000 people were seen at family planning clinics, including 77,000 at Planned Parenthood’s 22 clinics in the state, Olesko said.

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Please Support the NJ Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act


Support the NJ Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act A5287/S3905, Click here to view

Sadly, Abortions are legal in NJ for the entire nine months of pregnancy for any reason.  Additionally, there are no legal protections for babies who survive an abortion.

Last January, NY passed one of the most extreme abortion laws in the nation that removed all existing legal protections for babies who survive an abortion.  Because NJ has no protections for babies who survive an abortion, legislators introduced  A5287/S3905, the NJ Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act (click on link above for more information).

In recent days, some radical abortion extremists have held unruly protests at the offices of some of the legislative sponsors of this common sense, humane bill. They continue to lie, misrepresent, and spread false lies about the bill.

The link above provides the names of the sponsors, and the text of the bill (in pdf or html format) can be found below their names. If you click on the blue hyperlink of each sponsors’ name, it will take you to each individual page where you can view their contact information and send an email.

Please call and email to thank the sponsors of this bill for standing up for humanity.

Thank you,


NJ Board of Medical Examiners Finally Orders 7 NJ Abortion clinics operating illegally to be sold


Troubled New Jersey abortion clinics to be sold

by Marie McCullough, Updated: April 11, 2019 – 3:18 PM


The 82-year-old, physically and mentally impaired physician who has headed a chain of abortion clinics in New Jersey has agreed to sell the facilities as part of the revocation of his medical license.

Vikram Kaji lost his license in January when an administrative judge declared him incompetent to practice medicine because of his stroke-related disabilities.

Kaji’s agreement with the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners, issued as a consent order Wednesday, also may enable regulators to remove the founder of the seven clinics, Steven C. Brigham, 62.

More than four years ago, the board ordered Brigham to divest his interests in the clinics when it took away his medical license — the last of six he once held — for illegally performing dangerous late-term abortions. Instead, Brigham transferred ownership for no money to medical director Kaji, who then hired Brigham to manage the clinics.

The state attorney general alleged the transfer was a sham designed to keep Brigham in control and profiting from the business.

Kaji’s agreement requires that he sell the clinics to a licensed physician within 60 days, then submit to the board “copies of the contract of sale and any management contract.”

Joseph Gorrell, the lawyer representing Kaji and Brigham, declined to comment.

The seven New Jersey clinics are part of Brigham’s multistate, Voorhees-based abortion network, advertised as American Women’s Services.

Public records and media reports going back to the early 1990s — when Brigham launched his abortion practice in Wyomissing, Pa. — have documented his history of trouble with regulators, tax collectors, landlords, creditors, and criminal prosecutors in Maryland.

He has testified that he is in financial straits. He owed almost $500,000 to the Internal Revenue Service for not paying employee taxes when he lost his New Jersey license. He has yet to pay any of the $561,000 in penalties and prosecution costs that the state imposed in connection with the revocation of his medical license.

Updated: April 11, 2019 – 3:18 PM

Marie McCullough @repopter |


Breaking News: Governor Murphy Signs Assisted Suicide bill


New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed into law today a bill targeting elderly and disabled people that legalizes assisted suicide statewide.

Six states (California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and Vermont) and Washington D.C. permit the dangerous practice of allowing physicians to write lethal prescriptions to certain groups of persons to kill themselves.

New Jersey works on a system where a bill must achieve 41 votes in the Assembly to pass and 21 votes in the Senate to pass, regardless of how many votes are cast against it. Advocates of the assisted suicide measure received the bare minimum in each chamber to pass it.

New Jersey pro-life advocates fought legalization valiantly for six years but euthanasia supporters finally obtained enough votes for the bill.

Patients Rights Action Fund’s Executive Director, Matt Valliere told LifeNews he was disappointed by the news.

“With the signing of this bill to legalize assisted suicide, many vulnerable New Jerseyans are now at risk of deadly harm through mistakes, coercion, and abuse. People with disabilities, the economically disadvantaged, and terminally ill patients are at greatest risk – dangerous public policies often ignore the voices of the vulnerable,” he said. “They are already at a disadvantage when they try to gain equal access to healthcare, and this law will only increase the challenges they face.”

He added: “In other states where assisted suicide is legal, it has proven impossible to regulate and leaves the door wide open for abuse and coercion. New Jersey ought to be investing in better care and support at the end of life, not enshrining this dangerous public policy into law.”

New Jersey Right to Life actively worked against the legislation, and noted how thw Senate president actively worked to get the dangerous measure approved.

“The bill was released from Committee by a vote of 6-3, with one Senator not voting. Senate President Sweeney replaced two members of the committee who previously Voted No on the bill with himself and Senator Scutari who is a sponsor of the bill to ensure there would be enough Yes votes for the bill to pass out of Committee,” the group said. “Testimony on the bill was limited to only one hour with each witness provided only two minutes to make their case. Many physicians, disability advocates and key people who signed up to give testimony did not get a chance to do so.”

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The group also warned of numerous problems associated with the workings of the proposed law.

“Proponents claim that this is an issue of personal choice and that those who object to assisted suicide don’t have to utilize it, but taxpayers will be forced to pay for it through NJ’s Medicaid program which is a state taxpayer funded program,” it said. “This means that all taxpayers will be complicit in funding state sanctioned physician assisted suicide if this bill becomes law.”

It added: “Laws should not be passed for the few who want them, but consideration should be given to how it will affect the greater population, especially individuals who are most vulnerable to abuse of such a law.”

“This legislation is bad public policy for New Jersey,” it continued. “It threatens the doctor-patient relationship because it will turn physicians who are meant to be healers into agents of death, who will act directly to cause the death of patient. As we have seen in other states where assisted suicide is legal, health insurance companies (including medicaid providers) who are always looking to cut costs will deny patients treatments to save and sustain their lives, but instead offer assisted suicide drugs because it is cheaper to do so. The “so-called” safeguards in the bill are hollow and do not protect the patient. In addition, the bill grants complete immunity to everyone but the patient. It also involves third parties in the decision making process (including those who are not “capable” of personally communicating their wishes ) and is a recipe for abuse, especially for the elderly and disabled populations.”

On the pro-euthanasia side, Compassion and Choices launched a $1 million sustained digital video ad campaign featuring terminally ill advocates and their loved ones urging New Jersey lawmakers to pass the bill.

ACTION: Share your disappointment with the governor. Gov. Murphy can be reached by phone—609-292-6000—or by email–

Go See #UnplannedMovie: What She Saw Changed Everything


Unplanned is the inspiring true story of one woman’s journey of transformation.

All Abby Johnson ever wanted to do was help women. As one of the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic directors in the nation, she was involved in upwards of 22,000 abortions and counseled countless women about their reproductive choices. Her passion surrounding a woman’s right to choose even led her to become a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, fighting to enact legislation for the cause she so deeply believed in.
Until the day she saw something that changed everything, leading Abby Johnson to join her former enemies at 40 Days For Life, and become one of the most ardent pro-life speakers in America.

Unplanned the Movie is Now Playing in Theaters throughout NJ.
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More Information about the Movie can be found here



Senate and Assembly Passed Assisted Suicide bill by razor thin margins on 3/25. Contact Governor Murphy and urge him to Veto it.

On March 25th, the NJ Assembly passed the Assisted Suicide bill (A1504/S1072) by the bare minimum number of vote needed to pass- 41 votes.  The NJ Senate also passed the bill by the bare minimum needed – only 21 votes.

We wish to thank all members of the Assembly and Senate who voted no on the bill.  We also want to extend a  special thank you to Asm. Jay Webber (R-26), Asm Christopher DePhillips (R-40),Asw. Serena DiMaso(R-13), Asw. Joseph Howarth (R-8) and Senator Robert Singer (R-30) for speaking against the bill and articulating the myriad of problems this bill poses for individuals and our society as a whole.

Soon after the bill passed, Governor Murphy issued a statement announcing his intention to sign it into law.

Contact the Governor and urge him to Veto or Conditionally veto A1504/S1072. Thank you.

Phone the Governor: 609 292 6000. Email the Governor:

How did your Two Assembly Members Vote? Click on the blue hyperlink below to find out

A1504/S1072 Assembly Vote

How did your State Senator vote?  Click on blue hyperlink below to find out 

A1504/S1072 Senate Vote

Urgent: Senate and Assembly to Vote on Assisted Suicide Bill (A1504/S1072) on Monday, March 25, 2019

On Monday, March 25, 2019, Both Houses of the Legislature will vote on

the Assisted Suicide legislation (A1504/S1072) on Monday, March 25, 2019.

Please contact your State Senator and two Assembly Members and urge them to Vote No on A1504/S1072.  You can take action by clicking on “Legislation” in the section above.